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Party Room Ultimate Package

$500.00 up to 20 children $19.00 per additional child Max 24 Jumpers
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Book An Event

Party rooms seat 24 and have a total occupancy capacity of 30 people maximum in the party room. If you have over 30 guests you will need to book an joining room (Camo/Bubble), (Music/Arena). Please respond to your initial confirmation if you need to book an additional room. **Applicable on student holidays and federal holidays

  • 2 Hour Party (The first 60 minutes of the party is jump time & Bazooka Ball)
  • Private party room for the 2 hour duration
  • 20 Jumpers (adults and/or children)
  • Rebounderz Jump Socks (required for all Jumpers toddler size 10 and up)
  • 4 cheese pizzas (16" with 10 Slices)
  • 2 Pitchers of Soda & 1 Drink Stand (Choice of yellow lemonade, pink lemonade, or fruit punch)
  • $1.50 worth of games tokens for each Jumper
  • Dedicated Party Host/Hostess
  • Paper Products Provided (plates, napkins, cutlery, cups, tablecloth)
  • $19.00 per additional participant after the initial 15 jumpers (Jump Time, Jump Socks, Drinks, 4 Tokens)
    $5.00 for each additional birthday T-Shirt
    $3.00 per Goody Bags (Plastic Tumbler, Coupon, and Candy)
    $18.00 per dozen Balloons